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  • Visitor Experiences for Public Spaces
  • Permanent, Temporary & Traveling Exhibitions
  • Wayfinding (Signage) Systems
  • Branded Retail Experiences
  • Experiential Brand Environments
  • Event Curation
  • Inspirational Team Encounters


Window is a design gallery curated by Orlando. The glass pavilion hosts experimental installations and exhibitions by South African design talent

IZIKO museums wayfinding

Brand development, custom wayfinding solution and access strategy developed for Iziko Museums of Cape Town museum portfolio across social history, natural history and art museums

Constitution Hill heritage precinct

Orlando was part of a team that designed exhibitions and collateral for Constitution Hill, a unique precinct anchored by the Constitutional Court of South Africa, on the site of Johannesburg’s notorious Old Fort Prison Complex; a place where thousands of ordinary people were brutally punished before the dawn of South Africa’s democracy.


Identity, brand development, curation and exhibition design of the COP17 Local Government Pavilion representing a unified public sector response to climate change.

Black Coffee fashion collaborations

Vincent has worked closely with acclaimed fashion house Black Coffee, helping to create the experimental retail experiences B L K B O X, as well as performance design and curation for fashion shows such as Synthesis, Quartz and Contour.

ASYMPTOTE dance performance

Creative direction, design and choreography of Asymptote - an extraordinary Japanese Ankoku Butoh dance and animation performance. Asymptote integrates soundscape, costume design, and reactive motion graphics together with the performer’s Butoh body to explore the relationship between the living body and the natural world.

Cascoland public art project

Cascoland is an international network of artists, architects, designers and performers sharing a fascination for interdisciplinary interventions in public space, promoting mobilisation, participation and networking through artistic exchange and collaboration. Orlando has had a long-running relationship with this Amsterdam based collective, curating a variety of unusual urban activations in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Amsterdam.

I AM NATURE – youth exhibition

Travelling exhibition developed for the department of environmental affairs introducing youth audiences to concepts of sustainability

Lilies Leaf Farm museum

Exhibition design and custom wayfinding solution for Lilies Leaf Farm museum and heritage site. Lovingly renovated, Liliesleaf Farm bears witness to a very important chapter in our struggle for liberation, making for a visitor experience that is both emotive and interactive. The project involved retaining as much of the original site as possible whilst introducing cutting edge technology and design to tell the story behind it.

Quamta design & exhibition collaboration

Curation and design of experimental retail exhibition to launch the SLIT range of leather bags developed in collaboration with luxury leather goods brand Quamta for the Sanlam handmade contemporary fair.


Creative direction, brand positioning, set design and animated channel identity direction of SAFTA'S- South African Film and Television live televised awards 2013.

Sao Paulo Architectural Biennale

Design and co-curation of the South African contribution to the 7th edition of the São Paulo Biennale of Architecture.

Constitution children’s room

Concept development and exhibition design bringing to life the Children’s Bill of Rights in an African, tactile, fun and interactive way so that all children can work alongside their families in beginning to understand their attitudes, feelings, values, behavior and rights as well as beginning to understand their responsibilities.

Ghandi exhibition

Exhibition design highlighting Gandhi’s years imprisoned in the Number Four prison at Constitution Hill - includes the development of Satyagraha (Passive Resistance) in South Africa.

Exhibitions & Spaces

Orlando works with organisations, cultural institutes, marketing departments, brand agencies and a variety of partners to design the experiences that connect people to the purpose of your brand and the heart of your message.

Not everyone is familiar with the term ‘Experience Design’ which encompasses multiple disciplines and uses many techniques. In an increasingly digital and information saturated world, real-time, lived experiences enable us to make deeper connections with ourselves, our consumers, teams and audiences. The outcome of ‘Experience Design’ is always meaningful interaction.

With a masters degree in exhibition design from Sweden, Orlando specialises in conceptualising, curating, designing and facilitating compelling and moving experiences. His work can be experienced in a wide array of industries and contexts from major public exhibitions that showcase artefacts and tell stories in innovative ways to immersive retail and branded experiences that activate consumer behaviour and inspirational events that connect teams.


  • Brand Development & Revitalisation Sessions
  • Organisational Change & Internal Culture Activation
  • Touchpoint Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Purpose inspiration sessions
  • Identity Design


Identity Design, Brand Positioning, Dedicated Brand Management & Design of International green mobility company


Positioning, identity development and brand engagement strategy for the Luminary consultancy - offering elite personalised health and wellbeaing

Promethium Carbon

Brand engagement, positioning and identity development for carbon environmental consultants

Mastercard internal campaign

Creative direction and brand engagement strategy for Mastercard - celebrating innovation through the 'priceless' moments shared by leading creative figures

HEAD OF DESIGN Vega Brand communication school

Head of Design department and international student collaborations [2007-2010], incl. development of Brand positioning and Creative direction of student showcases.

AVUSA internal brand activation

Creative direction, brand engagement strategy and activation direction re-launching AVUSA publications hosted on a train journey to key influencers and decision makers

MOAD – Museum of African Design

Initial curatorial strategy, Brand Positioning and identity design for South Africa's design museum based in Maboneng precinct in Johannesburg

Local Government engagement campaign

Internal Brand engagement program developed for SA Cities Network to inspire and build capacity for local governments


Building on his awarded career in the branding and communication industries, Orlando has developed a dynamic brand engagement process that combines Atypical workshops, strategy sessions and inspirational trend talks to connect you to your strategic purpose.

Sustainable brands require a constant balance between profit and purpose, but too often focus on profit at the expense of purpose. Orlando enables brands to connect to their purpose and strategise authentic ways to inspire interaction with their audiences, both internally and externally.

He works with business owners, large organisations, startups, agencies and other disciplines to enable both public and private sector clients to build admired and sustainable brands, from the inside out.


  • Creative & Strategic Brainstorm Sessions
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Atypical Inspiration Talks
  • Incisive Trend Sessions
  • Insight & Workshop Facilitation


1. Book an Existing Inspiration Session

Orlando has developed a series of Atypical inspiration sessions, to engage your brand, inspire your teams and interact with your consumers. Themes covered include:

  • Design & Cultural Trends
  • Sustainability
  • Branding & Experience
  • Design Thinking
  • Science Trends
  • Experiential Design
  • Atypical Inspiration
  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Film
  • Green Mobility

2. Commission a Custom Trend Talk
Orlando Works with clients to create brand-right, industry specific trend talks that keep you inspired and ahead of the curve.

3. Book an Atypical Workshops or Brainstorm Sessions
Orlando facilitates Atypical workshops and brainstorm sessions filled with experiential, thought provoking and inspiring techniques and incisive insights to get to the nuts and bolts of your brand and its purpose.


  • Telkom
  • Iziko
  • Design Indaba
  • Vega
  • SABC 2
  • BBC
  • Sparletta
  • SABC Education
  • Clover
  • Cotlands
  • LoveLife
  • McDonalds
  • Coca Cola
  • National Geographic
  • Central Saint Martins
  • Joubert Park Project
  • Resolution Gallery
  • Ochre Media
  • Johannesburg Development Agency
  • Constitutional Court of South Africa
  • TRACE Heritage Consultants
  • THINK Graphic Design Council Of South Africa
  • The South African Government Department of Health
  • Paragon
  • Mashabane Rose
  • Black Coffee
  • The Biomimicry Institute
  • The Swedish Institute
  • Vastra Gotland
  • Boros Kunstpedagogic
  • SA Fasion Week
  • Mastercard
  • Jupiter Drawing Room
  • Voices of Fashion Germany
  • Montevideo Netherlands Media Art Institute
  • Ogilvy
  • Ebony Life TV
  • Department of Environmental Affairs
  • Nelson Mandela Children's Fund
  • City of johannesburg
  • City of Cape Town
  • Gullan&Gullan Digital
  • Mastercard

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